Turn Prescriptions into Payment links

Write prescriptions faster or just take photos. Share Payment link in WhatsApp. Patient will pay to unlock it. No more waiting for screenshots!

Step 1 - Write a prescription in free text or use any of our smart tools. You can also upload PDF or photo of hand-written prescriptions.

Step 2 - Create a payment link from it and share. You can specify the consultation fee and a few details if you want to.

Step 3 - The patient must pay to unlock the prescription. You can track your earnings from your account in the app.


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Clear your doubts

We currently have more than 500 doctors registered with us and they love us. Here we have compiled most common 10 questions that we get from our new users. If something is still not clear, you can always send an email or message to our facebook page.

We actually do not have your patient’s details or identifiable information (by which they can be targeted). We only store the prescriptions in your account that usually do not contain identifiable information (For example Rubina, a 37 years old female is not an identifiable information ).

Any medium of your choice. For example, WhatsApp, messenger, email or just phone. We only help you to write the prescription and collect payment. That's all.

Prescripto is free to use! However, we take 10% convenience charges from patients. For example, if you charge 500 INR for a prescription or slot booking, the patient has to pay 550 INR. Of Course you can adjust it with every prescription! For example, you can charge 273 also so that it becomes 300 to the patient.

When the patient pays successfully, it is added to your account that you can track from the app. Currently we clear all pendings every tuesday or if your earning reaches 5000 INR before that. We send it to your Google Pay or PayTM wallet that you need to give during registration (You do not need to submit bank details).

Yes, any time you can download the full data set. From our desktop version, you can directly upload all prescriptions to your Google drive too.

Yes. Prescripto has a huge set of features that can help you establish a full fledged online clinic with every possible feature out there. However we recommend that you just start and explore gradually. After downloading the app, explore different tabs to discover them over time.

You can currently use it from an android app or browser (both desktop or mobile). We are trying to bring out the IOS app within a few months. Please join the waitlist here and for now use it from the browser.

Yes you can charge NRI patients but currently the doctor (you) must be from India as we send money through Google Pay or PayTM only at present. If you are not from India, you may still register and we will notify you when we open up in your country.

You can start right now. Your account is immediately activated but we do manual checking regularly and fake accounts are removed. Make sure you give all the correct details, especially the medical registration number.

It’s easy to use so we don’t have a system of showing demos by sales staff. However, to guide you we have a short tutorial that will give you an idea before you get started. Take it from here.


Prescripto is a software to empower physicians for teleconsultations. We believe that online consultation should not be confined to any individual platforms and should be open to everyone! Also as per the latest guideline in India you can consult through WhatsApp, messenger or any other medium. For any query, please send an email.


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