Csv magic

Upload your clinical trial / patient datasheet in csv format. Get all statistical analysis done in seconds !

Please attach a file in .csv format. First row should indicate column names that can not contain gap and can not start with a number. For example, change "1 score" to "score_1" Columns will indicates variables (age, score etc) and rows should represnt individual patients. No missing value is allowed (for now).

Here is a sample CSV file to test.
Sample-data file on vitiligo
*For this sample file, the outcome column is Sum. Please note that all column names are case sensitive.

Name of column that indicates multiple arms of trial. such as group or arm. It must contain nominal data such as a,b etc. Do not use 0/1

(*Required) Names of columns that indicates outcome measure(s) separated by comma. e.g score1,score2. Atleast one must be entered.

Name of column pair indicates same score at different times. e.g baseline-score,month1score. Right now only one such pair can be entered.

Your analysis will be displayed here.
Significance means P value < 0.05 with effect size 0.8
File type is invalid. Please follow the instructons of uploading a file. Check all the column names are given properly (note that they are case sensitive.

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