Get your perfect startup idea

Quickly find out what MVP should you build for your next project

Criteria for choosing this!

  1. This product/service/process can acually make money in real world with an overall big enough addressable market.
  2. Only name the core valuable thing and not the business model. For example, dont say telemedicine, but write medical consultation as that is the core product here.

Classify your core value type:

Is the underlying product/service physical or digital? Note, even in online shopping, the product is still physical. Digital means it is possible to consume the value without any physical presence and remotely. certain things like movies can be both physical (in theatre) or digital(in netflix) depending on your mode of operation.

Which kind of product it is?

Do you have enough money/resource to scale the business?

Choose 1-3 elements which are most important for the target market right now with respect to the underlying intent?

Choose 1-3 elements that the target market is somehow satisfied with the current alternatives?

Finally answer some contextual questions related to the underlying product or service

Is it of high value? (difficult to get similar product/service for free)

How often do they need this?

Can they somehow predict when will they need this next?