Our mission is to make a better and efficient healthcare system by empowering patients and physicians.

Our take is that doctors and patients are the center of the healthcare system and others are only the facilitators. For example, pharma companies are only valuable when their products are recommended by physicians and purchased by patients. We also believe that more we can empower these two groups of stakeholders , more we can create an efficient healthcare system as unwanted noise ( like 3rd party stakeholders that come in between doctor-patient relationships like big corporate brands and online platforms) can be gradually eliminated.

We have started our journey in the dermatology segment with two active projects.

Prescripto app : It’s an online prescription writing app that enables dermatologists to easily build an online practice without the need of a third party platform. We now have 400+ doctors registered across the world.

My skin my choice : It is the patient facing counterpart that empowers patients to manage their skin care problems online. We now have thousands of online visits everyday.

The important part here is that we consciously separate the two components and keep them independent of each other so that it does not become a platform itself!

Speaking of dermatology (It is of our special interest as I am a dermatologist myself) we are running another two non-profit projects that use heavy use of AI to empower dermatologists. Some other projects in this category are there in the pipeline.

Dermion : Inspired from DC comics (Gideon is a super-intelligent AI ), this is a differential diagnosis tool for dermatologists at the point of treatment.

Acne-AI project : This project is in closed beta now and uses proprietary technology to find optimal regimen for acne (can comb through 5 million possible combinations in seconds).

We are also working outside dermatology and several projects are in the pipeline. We seek to find niche problems that require deep technical understanding and domain expertise to solve. Here are examples of two such projects we are running in beta now.

CSV magic : It let medical researchers and doctors analyze their patient’s data (in csv format) and find all statistical insight in seconds.

1 minute treatment update : It is a tool that keeps physicians updated in their field by automatically curating a daily feed of treatment updates as they are being published in scientific literature in real time.

Now, you may be wondering what about the patients ? We are moving a little slow here as there are many fine complexities in this area. One core problem we have identified is information asymmetry. As patients have significantly less information compared to physicians or other stakeholders, they can be easily misguided and manipulated. We are now running a project WTM (why this med) to partially solve this issue. In this app patients can enter their diagnosis and the medicines they are taking and the app will tell why those medicines were given and whether they cover the problem adequately.

We are also working on a diet chart maker app (that will enable the patient to create a diet chart themselves based on their comorbidities). You can try a very early web version now.

In recent times there is a lot of mistrust between doctors and patients. We have sadly observed how certain companies have polluted one of the most special relationships on earth for mere profit. So we have taken the opposite direction. We want to empower patients as well as doctors to restore their relationship and balance the evil forces in the long run.

We are not like conventional startups who start planning their exit as soon as they raise some money. We are a small team but already profitable (without any external funding) and not planning to exit anytime soon :)

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Dr Dipayan Sengupta
Founder, Whatdx

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