Launching Dr Tori, the next generation medical assistant on WhatsApp

Hello, I am Tori, tell me your problems and I will create a treatment plan for you. You can take the OTC meds for now & consult your doctor to make better decisions together. I can not officially write prescription but can give you a good idea about whats your treatment journey should look like.

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Watch how Tori can help you understand your health issues and what your treatment would possibly look like.. It's a bit lengthy. But please watch it till the end.

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Due to technical limitations, we can now serve only 10 patients every day. Unfortunately, this limit has been completed for today.

Slots for tomorrow will open from 8:30 AM Indian standard time. We request you to retry tomorrow. We are really sorry for this. But we are working hard to expand our capacity soon.


Sample Cases

Here are examples of actual conversation with Dr Tori and how a treatment report was given. Notice how it avoids giving antibiotics in suspected common colds and sudden diarrhea just the way it should be.

Chat Summary 1

Muscle strain

35-year-old male experiencing a sensation of muscle strain in the left wrist, likely related to lifting or carrying weight. Symptoms started 1-2 days ago, with pain present only upon movement and no associated swelling or severe pain. Advised to monitor the symptoms and seek medical evaluation if pain persists, worsens, or limits wrist movement.

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Chat Summary 2

Loose motion

The patient has been experiencing loose motions 4-5 times since yesterday without any accompanying symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain, or vomiting. No recent travel, eating out, or contact with ill individuals reported. The patient has been maintaining hydration with ORS and feels weak but has no signs of dehydration or dizziness. Differential diagnosis to consider includes acute gastroenteritis, food intolerance, and viral enteritis. No new foods, changes in diet, or over-the-counter medications have been taken. Further evaluation by a healthcare provider is recommended if symptoms persist or worsen.

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Chat Summary 3

Sore throat

A 23-year-old male (primary user) with a sore throat severity of 5/10, a low-grade fever of 99°F, and a runny nose. No white patches on tonsils observed. Symptoms suggest a possible viral upper respiratory infection. Advised rest, hydration, and over-the-counter pain relievers. Watch for any changes in symptoms.

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Team & Mission

We have a visionary team of founders and advisors with decades of experience spanning healthcare, Evidence Based medicine & Artificial intelligence. Our goal is to make every healthcare decision better for every patients in the world.


Dr Dipayan Sengupta

CEO & Founder

Dipayan is a medical doctor (Dermatologist) & software developer with special interest in bioinformatics and optimization techniques in Artificial intelligence.


Sumanta Das Bairagya

Technical Lead

Sumanta is a system engineer with decades of experience in Artificial intelligence & drug discovery. Founder of the Largest AI & ML community on the internet with ~2 Lakh members.


Dr Saumya Panda

Research Lead

Dr Saumya Panda Is a consultant dermatologist with special interest in statistics and Evidence Based Medicine. He is the former editor of Indian journal of dermatology, venereology & leprosy (IJDVL).


Dr Biplab Paul

Product Advisor

Dr Pal is a serial entraprenuer with vast experience and over a dozen patents in Internet of things & process engineering. He is also the founder of Non-profit JibonOJeebika foundation.


Debraj Ganguly

Growth Advisor

DG is a successful entraprenuer and an indutry thought-leader with 20+ years of experience in healthcare, Generative AI & related insutry verticals in Bay area, USA.

Can be You!

Join our team to bring positive changes in the world.

This is NOT a Job opening. You can continue your current work and still join us as a mentor, strategic advisor, researcher or developer.

We are specifically looking for Medical doctors with lots of clinical experiences (preferably from General Medicine, Pediatrics but any speciality is welcome) and exceptional clinical acumen. Being able to save one life is amazing. But do you know what is better? Being able to save a billion! There is no better way to scale your clinical insight other than modern technologies. Join and make this world a better place together. If you are interested, send an email here.

Clear your doubts

Dr Tori is trained with latest treatment protocols & textbooks under supervision of doctors. We have used latest technology by OpenAI (GPT-4) & Google (Gemini Pro) along with our own propriatory therapy optimization framework (publication pending). Early testing suggests that Dr. Tori can often identify crucial clinical decision that could be overlooked otherwise. However, this tool is far from perfect and we are working to improve it every day.

Our AI-powered service provides a second opinion on medical diagnoses by analyzing patient data using advanced algorithms. It offers additional insights to support the initial medical opinion you received.

AI medical opinions are highly accurate, leveraging vast databases and machine learning to analyze medical cases. However, they should be considered as supplementary to, not a replacement for, professional medical advice.

Yes, Our AI system understands all major languages so that should not be a problem in most cases. However, if your language is very uncommon (not spoken by many people) or is a regionally modified form of the mainstream language, then it may not undertand it well.

Absolutely. We prioritize the privacy and security of your health data, adhering to strict data protection regulations and employing advanced security measures to safeguard your information. Moreover, our system is completely annonynous. However, WhatsApp is not HIPAA compliant so do not enter any PHI (protected health information) specially if you are from USA.

No, AI is not intended to replace doctors. Instead, it provides a valuable second opinion. Use it to have a clear, informed conversation with your doctor, helping you make the best health decisions for your family.

Accessing our service is easy. Simply click on the 'consult now' button, which will take you to the application page. There enter your WhatsApp number and pay the registration fee to get started.

Our AI system is equipped to analyze a wide range of medical cases, from common illnesses to complex conditions. It can assist in various specialties such as oncology, cardiology, and more.

Yes, you can submit one PDF , Audio and images. Follow the instructions while attaching pdf or images, such as do not convert image into PDF and try to avoid handwritten previous prescriptions which are difficult to read (enter the previous medicine names manually in the problem description). We do not support Video as of now.

Yes, there is a nominal registration charge and also a charge to download individual consultation reports. For the most recent pricing information, visit the application page.

AI improves medical diagnoses by providing comprehensive data analysis, recognizing patterns and correlations that might be challenging for the human eye to detect, thereby enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

After receiving an AI second opinion, we recommend discussing the findings with your healthcare provider. This can aid in making more informed decisions about your treatment plan.

Doctors can benefit from AI second opinions by gaining additional perspectives on complex cases. It serves as a tool for validating their diagnoses and exploring alternative treatment options.


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