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Our AI-powered medical chatbot conducts a thorough interview to identify the root cause of your health issues and provides a personalized, evidence-based plan.

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    Introducing Tori 2.0

    Hello, I am tori. Take a session with me and I will try to find out the primary cause of your health issue and give a personalized plan just for you. Root cause treatment has maximum chance of long term success, which may be overlooked by busy clinics or hospitals.

    Sample Chats

    Curious about how it works? Check out our sample chats to see the detailed and insightful guidance our chatbot provides.

    A 23 year old girl with Headache: See how Dr Tori understands the root cause and suggest lifestyle changes with minimum medicine.

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    A 35 year old man with shoulder sprain: See how Dr Tori figures out the root cause and suggest a DIY plan to try at home.

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    A 65 year old lady is having vertigo: See how Dr Tori suspects a more complex root cause and suggest a plan with medicines under doctor's supervision.

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    Why Choose Us?

    How It Works

    1. Take the Interview: Our chatbot conducts a detailed interview, asking relevant questions to understand your health condition comprehensively.
    2. Receive Your Plan: Get a personalized, evidence-based plan that includes actionable lifestyle changes, OTC meds, and explanations.
    3. Implement or Consult: Implement the plan yourself if it’s DIY-friendly. For more complex treatments, show the plan to your treating doctor as a second opinion.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is my information safe? Yes, your privacy is our top priority. All consultations are anonymous.

    What if I need prescription drugs or surgery? Your personalized plan will indicate if further medical intervention is required. Use it as a second opinion for your doctor.

    How much does it cost? Each consultation costs just 99 INR.

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